60s Wordsearch Book (Dementia Friendly)


60s Wordsearch Book (Dementia Friendly) brings back fond memories of the swinging sixties! Remember the days of flower power, mini skirts, The Beatles, Mods, Carnaby Street through these fun word puzzles.

Word puzzles and colouring pages aim to improve brain function and hand-eye coordination. Research shows that such activities can increase cognitive ability, mental well-being, creativity and motor skills. Not only will your loved one or service user have fun, but they’ll also gain a range of health benefits!

The activities are designed to engage the mind and are based on the people, music, fashion and entertainment of the 60s. This book is sure to get your loved one reminiscing of those great times when life was more carefree. It will certainly be a conversation starter.

60s Wordsearch Book (Dementia Friendly) topics include:

– Popular TV and radio shows, Famous Female Singers,

– Famous 60s Popstars, Car Brands of the 60s,

– 60s Kitchen, Carnaby Street, Blackpool Seafront,

– Traditions, 60s Fashion and many more.

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