Black History Bingo Game


Celebrate the achievements of Black Heroes, inventors, activists, politicians, writers etc is a fun and exciting twist on the classic bingo game.

The game replaces numbers with 75 well-known heroes and other notable black figures from history past to present.

Card Specifications
20x player (5×5) bingo cards printed on reusable thick laminated card stock

75x Black Heroes and Achievers images.

Three ways to win. A one-line win, a double-line win and a full house.
A one-line win is a single horizontal row of matching images, and a double-line win is two horizontal lines that make a double bingo pattern. A full house is when all the images on a card are marked off.

Benefits of playing bingo
Not only do children and adults love playing bingo, it also has great benefits. Studies have shown that playing bingo improves visual skills. It develops social skills and helps enhance cognitive function.