Space Patrollers Jigsaw

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The Space Patrollers jigsaw features eight child astronauts surrounded by stars and planets and will surely be an exciting puzzle to complete for all children who love all things space.

It will surely bring hours of fun and conversations about space, solar systems, rockets and the life of an astronaut.

Made of easy, durable thick chipboard instead of cardboard, the puzzle is built to last any handling by young exuberant children.

Jigsaw puzzles have a therapeutic effect, exercising the brain whilst providing hours of relaxation. Putting a puzzle together allows for improved concentration, mentally stimulating both sides of the brain.

Once completed you will feel a great sense of accomplishment and will be reaching for the next puzzle!

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Product Details:

Puzzle Dimensions: 40cm x 30cm

Number of Pieces: 80

Jigsaw: Thick recycled durable chipboard.




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