Anansi Spider Jigsaw (Dementia Friendly)


Anansi Spider Stories Jigsaw (Dementia Friendly) puzzle tells how the mischievous spider boy got his stories and gave wisdom to the world. Originating in Ghana, West Africa but highly popular throughout Africa, the Caribbean and America, the stories recount the adventures of the wise, loveable and often mischievous spider boy/man Anansi who always triumphs over larger opponents.

This puzzle tells how Anansi completed four challenges set by his father Nyame, god of the sky so that he could gain ownership of all the stories of the world so could share them with humanity

Suppose you’re looking for an easy-to-complete family puzzle. In that case, that’s not just a source of entertainment but can also teach young and old about morality, fairness, reciprocity and forward planning then the Anansi Spider Storie’s Jigsaw (Dementia Friendly) is for you.

With easy-to-handle large durable chunky wooden pieces, the puzzle is perfectly suited for children, seniors and those living with dementia as they contain between 12-40 pieces.  This means they are easier to complete and contain many elements that stimulate reminiscence and delightful conversation.

Benefits for dementia

Jigsaw puzzles have a therapeutic effect, exercising the brain whilst providing hours of relaxation. Putting a puzzle together allows for improved concentration, mentally stimulating both sides of the brain. Research has shown that this has led to an improvement in short-term memory, cognition and visual-spatial reasoning. This is a task that can be completed by yourself or with family, allowing for social interaction and fun all around.

Once completed you will feel a great sense of accomplishment and will be reaching for the next puzzle!

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