Working Animals Jigsaw

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Product Description:
Children’s Games Across the World Jigsaw
Set of 8 wooden jigsaws (18 pieces per set)
 suitable for early years and primary ages.

Playing games indoors and outdoors is very integral to human development from childhood to adulthood.

This set of jigsaws looks at some of the many hundreds of children’s games played around the world, from Pass the Parcel to Oware.

Apart from being just fun, games are very crucial in the learning of values and life skills such as teamworking, inclusion, discipline, respect, fair play and many others.

Having an insight into a diverse range of games around the world is a great way for users to connect with children from around the world as it will spark their imagination and curiosity.

The puzzle also helps to promote diversity and inclusion and provides hours of talking points that explore the cultures, practices and values of the children themselves and others from around the world.

Studies have also shown the sense of pride and self-esteem exhibited once completed further encourages the child to pursue challenges in other areas.

Our puzzles also make great birthday presents and gifts.


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