Rainforest Jigsaw Puzzle (Dementia Friendly)


The rainforest jigsaw puzzle is a vibrant jigsaw puzzle created especially for older people, those living with dementia and children.

This exciting rainforest jigsaw puzzle is packed full of exotic animals and rare, bright plants allowing your imagination to run wild! This is a task that can be completed by yourself or with family, allowing for social interaction and fun all around.

The rainforest jigsaw puzzle is formed of large, wooden pieces, with the option to choose from 24 and 80 pieces. Resulting in being suitable for all capabilities, including children to those with early to mid-stage dementia.

Benefits for dementia:

Research has shown that Jigsaw puzzles have a therapeutic effect, exercising the brain and whilst providing hours of relaxation.

The benefits of which include an improvement in short term memory, cognition and visual-spatial reasoning.

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