Polar Animals Jigsaw (Dementia Friendly)


The Dementia Friendly Polar Animals jigsaw puzzle was created specifically for children, older people and those living with early to mid-stage dementia.

The jigsaw will bring a smile to any animal lovers face. Being sure to bring back fond memories of seeing these wonderful animals in zoos and on TV.

This puzzle shows penguins, polar bears, seals and whales and popular polar animals. Making the puzzle excellent fun for all the family!

Jigsaw puzzles are extremely beneficial for those living with early to mid-stage dementia. As they stimulate both sides of the brain and improve cognitive skills.

The Dementia Friendly Polar Animals Jigsaw puzzles are made from large, durable and easy to handle wooden pieces. Making them extremely suitable for small hands.  As those with limited hand coordination.

24, 48 and 80 pieces options are available.

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