World Festivals and Celebrations Jigsaw

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World Festivals and Carnivals
Set of 8 wooden jigsaws (18 pieces per set)
 suitable for early years and primary ages.

The vibrant sounds of the J’overt carnival through the colourful Diwali festival of light to the captivating sight of traditional English Morris dancers are brought to life in the World Festivals and Celebrations Jigsaw puzzle..

They will challenge the young mind whilst helping to improve fine motor, cognitive and problem-solving skills whilst improving spatial awareness and perseverance.

The puzzle also helps to promote diversity and inclusion and provides hours of talking points that explore the cultures, practices and values of the children themselves and others from around the world.

Benefits of jigsaws in Early Years

Numerous studies have shown that jigsaw puzzles help develop memory skills, as well as improve spatial and problems solving skills.

While completing a puzzle, children need to remember shapes, colours, positions and strategies to complete them

Apart from being just fun, games are crucial in teaching children, values and life skills such as teamwork, inclusion, discipline, sharing, respect, and fair play.

The puzzle is accompanied by free downloadable information on the animals featured

Our puzzles also make great birthday presents and gifts!



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