Go Hero Black History Game

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Do you have Marcus Garvey? Any Lewis Hamilton, Oprah Winfrey, Jay Z or Rosa Parks? if not GO, HERO!

The whole family or group will love playing this Black History twist of the classic fun ‘Go Fish’ card game where players collect the most pairs of Heroes to win.

Watch out though the Steal, Swap and Sabotage action cards can spoil your plans but adds a fun strategic element to the game!

These cards serve a dual purpose by functioning as flashcards that facilitate learning about the history, achievements, contributions, and challenges of Black individuals, while also aiding in the preservation and celebration of their vibrant cultural heritage.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that delving into the lives and achievements of Black historical figures, including civil rights icons like Martin Luther King Jr. and trailblazers like Rosa Parks, can serve as a wellspring of inspiration and empowerment.

Furthermore, these cards can be utilized for engaging games like Snap or Memory Match, making them an even more valuable investment.

A great birthday or celebratory gift for young and old.

.Research has shown card games positively impact the functioning of the brain, alongside unlimited mental health benefits for seniors and children alike.

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