Windrush Bingo Game (Dementia Friendly)


Liven up any party or group session with this fun interactive Windrush Bingo game for friends and family. Designed to celebrate the Windrush pioneers,  the game replaces the traditional bingo numbers with items related to that amazing era that help shape British society.

Relive the days of the radiogram, glass fish, black and white televisions, doilies, 7″records, platform shoes, Stones Ginger wine, Green Shields stamps etc.

The 8-player pack includes eight unique laminated and reusable bingo player cards, 25x Windrush items (replacing the traditional bingo balls.)

Excellent value for money as all elements are durable and reusable for many, many sessions. A great present or gift.

Benefits of playing bingo

Not only do children and adults love playing bingo, it also has gone great benefits. Studies have shown that playing bingo has been sh improves number skills, including number recognition. It develops social skills and helps enhances cognitive function.